Debt Syndication :
KHCPL offers wide-ranging services to SMEs & large corporate in the areas of Debt Syndication and examine all the aspects of industry, economy and business while arranging debt resources for its clients.

Our focus lies in providing clear analysis by conducting in-depth study of the available funding options and assisting clients to decide on the best suitable option with end to end support.

We provide the following types of debt syndication services :
Long term Debt, Short term Debt, Corporate Loans, Preshipment Credit, Post shipment Credit, Bank Guarantee, Cash Credit Limit, Letter of Credit, Commercial Paper, Buyers Credit, Suppliers Credit, Non Convertible Debentures (NCDs), etc.
Working Capital Finance :
We arrange for working capital finance to meet the entire range of short-term fund requirements that arise within a corporate’s day-to-day requirements.

Working capital is used to finance the following :
     •     Construction, renovation or improvements to the leasehold.
     •     To buy furniture, fixtures, machinery, or equipment.
     •     To replenish inventory.
     •     For day-to-day operations of a business and payroll (except owners’ salary).
     •     For down payment assistance on the purchase of real estate for the business.
Various Structured Financing :
Corporate Term Loan
Companies can use corporate term loan in funding the purchase of real estate, expanding operations, purchasing equipments, purchasing inventory, know-how upgradation, R&D expenditure and increasing working capital.

We can arrange corporate term loans through a reputed bank or NBFC. The composition may vary based on the exact requirements of the client and the risk context.
Dealer Financing
We arrange dealer financing through a reputed bank or NBFC by way of providing working capital finance and term loans to select dealers of identified companies. This helps dealers to strengthen the business relationships with the corporates to avail low cost credit. Dealer financing allows the corporate negotiate a better price with dealers. It may be extended in the bill discounting form or simply as cash credit.
Channel Financing
Channel Financing is an innovative option for extending working capital finance to dealers who have business relationships with large corporates. Channel Financing is the mechanism through which a Bank / Financial Institution meets the various funds related requirements along the Supply Chain at the suppliers end which in turn helps the supplier in sustaining a seamless business flow and avoiding Working Capital related difficulties. Corporates can use Channel Finance to strengthen their relationship / reward loyalty of their Channel Partners.
Asset Based Funding
Asset based financing is normally done by the large banks or financial institutions. Corporations offer asset based lending to meet short-term cash needs of companies.

Accounts receivable, inventory,  machinery, equipment are common collateral but any asset might qualify. Asset based financing is also a specialized method of providing structured working capital, fixed term loans, factoring and leasing.

The benefit of asset based lending  is that small companies can usually get more cash more quickly than they could from a traditional bank loan. 
Debt Restructuring / One Time Settlement with Banks / Institutions :
Debt restructuring is an adjustment made by both the debtor and the creditor to smooth out temporary difficulties in the way of loan repayment.

Companies use debt restructuring in order to avoid non-payment on the existing loan or to take advantage of low interest rate. A company restructures its debt by paying off the existing debt with a new loan or by altering the terms and provisions of the existing debt.

Debt Re-structuring have been our major strong point. We provide effective solutions to restructure debt profiles through the latest financial tools prevailing in the market.
Asset Reconstruction :
In today’s market scenario, committed focus on core business strengths is critical to the long term survival of a company. Banks and Financial Institutions would also like to release their valuable capital resources from non-performing assets (NPAs). Asset reconstruction services are helping clients at assisting in consolidating their focus and unlock the resources through acquisitions, takeovers, sell offs and joint ventures. The final goal is the maximization of economic returns from assets employed or likely to be employed for the business.

Our strength in asset reconstruction lies in the large clientele across various industries and know-how which we have gathered with years of experience. This allows us to bring the right buyer and seller together and formulate an appropriate resolution strategy after a detailed assessment of their individual requirements. We have also increased access to numerous opportunities available through our empanelment and dealings with several banks and asset reconstruction companies.

Our wide range of Asset Reconstruction Services consists of :
     •     Identification of distress asset acquisition opportunities
     •     Assessing synergies between the buyers and sellers
     •     Asset valuation/ Business valuation
     •     Due diligence & Resolution strategies
     •     Fulfilling and assessing legalities
     •     Interim Intellectual/ Business asset management
     •     Arranging the lease/hire of business assets
     •     Sourcing of surplus assets
     •     Creation of an asset bank
Securitisation & Reconstruction of Financial Assets of Banks & Financial
Institutions :
KHCPL has a separate division to assist the Banks/FIs in reduction of their NPAs. We offer tailor made services to meet the the needs of the Banks/FIs in a cost effective manner.

KHCPL’s Securitisation Division through its cost effective operations and speedy decision making process, it will be to convert these assets into liquid form, economically. With diverse experience within the team in sanctions, disbursements  and recovery of terms loans/working capital loans including takeover of assets, their marketing, final sale and legal aspects involved helps the Banks/FIs to carry out the process in a cost effective manner.
Financial Restructuring :
With wide experience and technical know-how in negotiating debt terms with Financial Institutions, we design and engineer restructuring projects with the most advantageous and best possible financing terms for our customers. Our detailed knowledge of understanding the applicable regulations helps us in providing appropriate solutions to our clients.
Private Equity Services :
We offer private equity services in raising private equity and venture capital for the clients from appropriate funding agencies. We ensure proper structuring and presentation of the deal, establish feasibility of business model, approach and negotiate with private equity funds to obtain the best-possible deal.

Our wide range of Private Equity Placement Services consists of :
     •     Conducting critical appraisals of proposals and assessment of business potential
     •     Advising on the overall viability of business model
     •     Ensuring proper capital structuring and business strategy
     •     Preparing executive summaries, presentation and detailed business plans
     •     Assisting in arriving at optimum business valuation
     •     Identifying and negotiating with Private Equity Funds, strategic investors, etc
     •     Coordinating information requests
     •     Negotiating and deal finalizing
     •     Assisting in term sheet finalization and other post-deal activities
    •    Hand holding the client to through the entire process and concluding the fund-raising while protecting            long-term interest
     •     Monitoring post-investment scenario to ensure growth
     •     Advising and assisting in appropriate exit strategies
Mergers & Acquisition Services :
Organisations consider the option of Mergers and Acqisitions for quick growth and better competitive advantage. The whole process of identifying the target, carrying out the negotiations along with understanding and complying with the regulatory framework becomes tedious.

We play a crucial role in assisting companies exploring for business opportunities in India as well as Indian companies looking at strategic initiatives in the overseas markets. With the detailed preparation, skillful negotiation and an intimate know-how of capital markets and financial resources, assists clients through all stages right from the identification stage to the completion of the said deal.
Distressed Asset Services :
KHCPL integrated proficiency provides in-depth solutions to maximize asset recovery. We have a highly skilled team of professionals to provide Asset Management solutions to financial institutions, special servicers, government agencies, investors, developers and owners with stressed assets.
We assists our clients with workout, foreclosure, restructuring, asset management and disposition processes for clients from owners, banks, large institutions and servicers.

Our wide range of Distressed Asset Services consists of :

     •     Opinion of Value
     •     Strategic Asset Management
     •     Market Research & Analysis
     •     Asset Disposition
     •     Leasing
     •     Project Management
     •     Due Diligence
     •     Workout/Loan Restructuring
     •     Mortgage Loan Sales
     •     Debt & Equity Placement
     •     Receivership

Our professionals have wide experience in every major real estate product segment including land, multi-family, industrial, office, retail, hospitality and self-storage.

To provide a wide range of specialized services, we have partnered with asset management companies, law firms and other real estate service providers.
India Entry Strategy :
We conceptualize, implement and manage India entry strategies for different companies from across the globe. There are various factors that need to be considered by foreign companies trying to venture into Indian markets. A variety of legal formalities need be taken care of, and there are many arrangements that need specialized attention. We hold thorough proficiency in forming India Entry Strategy for our international clients, help them search for favourable markets and also arrange for the interested parties for collaborations and mergers.
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